15th February 2024

“EV1 has sped up my recovery tenfold”

This was the feedback from Robert Terrell, a post-op patient who used ProMOTION EV1 to assist his recovery.

Robert was diagnosed with osteoarthritis following a bike crash in childhood. As a result of this he has lived with knee pain for the last 20 years.

In late 2023 he had a femoral wedge osteotomy with arthroscopy treatment. His consultant recommended he hired a specialist cryotherapy unit due to the brutal nature of the surgery.

Robert said: “EV1 was his top recommendation so I took the plunge”.

“I booked the unit to arrive two days before my operation and was given a half hour introduction video call to show me how to use it.

“For the first two weeks I was unable to get any real use from the unit due to the thickness of the dressing. After the dressings were removed I could apply EV1 directly to the area and the results on both the pain and swelling were noticeable.

“I used it for up to two hours a day over the course of a month and was able to reduce the swelling to a point whereI had a full range of movement and could finally sit in a chair normally.”

Robert decided to extend his rental period as he moved out of the acute stage of his rehabilitation and started to return to weight-bearing activities. He explains:

“Initially I used EV1 exclusively on the cold setting, but as my movement increased, the stress on my tendons was agony. I then used the heat setting and this allowed me to work the tendons and reduce the pain as I worked on regaining my range of movement.

“I firmly believe that EV1 has sped up my recovery tenfold. I would recommend it to anyone with any kind of joint or muscle injury. 

“It’s very user friendly and the back up from the team is second to none. They fully understood my recovery journey and were on hand for support when I needed it.”

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