31st July 2023

Bringing Targeted Therapy to Gaelic Football

After a number of years working with clubs in the English Football League, physiotherapist Mark Hoy has returned to his Northern Ireland roots, opening his own physiotherapy and sports medicine practice, Lakeland Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine.

Mark specialises in supporting Gaelic Football, an intense, fast-moving and physically demanding sport, where he treats lots of players with muscle and joint injuries. 

He first became aware of ProMOTION EV1 through his FMPA membership. The clubs he was working in typically used large area cold-compression devices that delivered cryotherapy only, so he was attracted by the EV1’s ability to offer both hot and cold therapy.

Mark explains: “I currently work with two teams playing at elite level who train four days a week. I’m often limited by the time I can spend with a player, so I focus primarily on treating lower limb injuries. Being able to take the ProMOTION with me is really handy and I’m using it almost every day and the players are really impressed by it.

“With how quick it is to set up and the targeted nature of the therapy, I’ve been able to use it with players both before and after games.

“Muscle contusions are a common injury seen within Gaelic Football, due to the high intensity nature of the game and the amount of contact between opposing players. The ProMOTION EV1 has been incredibly useful when treating these injuries throughout the healing process. 

“The targeted cryotherapy with compression is great for easing pain and improving function in the early stages while the contrast and heat therapy settings are great in the later stages when the athlete is returning back to pitch based training.”

Mark’s clinic, Lakeland Physiotherapy, takes a professional club approach to physiotherapy, complete with a full gym and all the latest physiotherapy equipment and technology.

To add ProMOTION EV1 to your physiotherapy kit bag, arrange a free demo or trial. 


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