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Data is a powerful tool for assessing progress and informing decision making. When it is properly collected and analysed, data can help health professionals to assess the impact of clinical protocols, objectively demonstrating how different modalities and interventions affect each player and injury.

Traditional cryotherapy modalities do not offer the ability to automatically capture data showing temperature, compression and dosage used, and clinicians typically have to manually record cryotherapy interventions for player records. Our technology stores information after a program is run, recording the duration, the compression and the temperature applied, whether this is using cooling, heating, or contrast therapy.

Using the ProMOTION EV1 mobile app, this data can be exported into Excel to add to a player’s record or to be imported into a broader player management system. This allows practitioners to track usage and monitor progress, especially useful when players are taking club equipment to use at home.

Detailed records on cryotherapy interventions are essential for building a strong evidence base for best practice and to inform the development of optimal rehabilitation protocols that deliver effective results for your team. Maintaining accurate records of cryotherapy interventions undertaken, can be especially useful in demonstrating duty of care.


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Built with your recovery data in mind, our iOS and Android applications are both available to download.

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