6th March 2023

derby FC seeing results with versatile therapy

In late 2022 Derby County FC defender, Jake Rooney, suffered a 2B strain on his thigh. The injury was in a small location, making it difficult to get to and target accurately. From the onset of the injury head physio at Derby County FC, John Hartley, incorporated using ProMOTION EV1 into Jake’s recovery plan. Despite using different modalities in the past for cryo and heat therapy, the versatility of the EV1 grabbed their attention.

ProMOTION EV1 allowed them to pinpoint and specifically target right on the area which was most uncomfortable and painful, without having to numb the whole thigh muscle. The size of the EV1 meant they could take the rehab on the go, letting Jake complete a heat programme before training sessions to get blood flowing and using the contrast setting whilst at home, for further recovery.

From the initial injury, Jake was back training on the pitch within two weeks. Discover more of John and Jake’s experience with using ProMOTION EV1


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