23rd October 2023

PROMOTION Breaks into Japanese Market

ProMOTION EV1, the cutting-edge wellness device used by elite athletes for targeted warm up, cool down, recovery and rehabilitation, is now selling across Japan and Hong Kong thanks to an exclusive new distribution partnership.

Our thorough approach to product development and the resulting product innovation attracted the team from Tokyo to change from an enthusiastic customer into a distributor.

Jonathan Smith, Managing Director at ProMOTION said: “We are excited to have signed an exclusive distribution contract with THREE FOR ONE Inc. to cover the Japan and Hong Kong geographies. 

“The passion, enthusiasm and commitment of the team at THREE FOR ONE Inc to launch the ProMOTION EV1 really stood out for us. 

“Since our first contact in late 2022 we knew the culture of both parties would make an excellent collaboration to deliver an elite product backed up by an elite service for their key markets and customers.” 

THREE FOR ONE Inc is backed by action actor Kane Kosugi and elite trainer Motokazu Yamasaka – both passionate users of the product, who decided to invest in bringing ProMOTION EV1 to the Japanese market. 

Kane Kosugi commented:  “THREE FOR ONE Inc. is pleased to have signed a long term agreement to distribute the ProMOTION branded products in Japan and Hong Kong. 

“My long-term trainer Motokazu Yamasaka and I both tried ProMOTION EV1 and loved it! So easy to use and versatile, without the need for ice and water, the EV1 stood out as a unique innovation that we are passionate about launching to our company’s target markets. 

“The research and evidence behind the product is impressive for such a new product. We know wellness, training and conditioning, alongside elite sporting applications, are all growing markets, and the versatility of the product creates an expansive range of applications across both sport and medical applications.” 

ProMOTION EV1 is available to buy for the Japanese and Hong Kong market from: https://threeforone.jp/ 

Information about distributor opportunities can be found here.


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