15th August 2022

stages of healing: cooling therapy

Offering cooling, contrast and heat therapy all in one device, the ProMOTION EV1 works for every stage of the healing process.

Watch our latest video to hear from leading sports therapists and academics Dr David Rhodes and Dr Jill Alexander on why they recommend using the EV1’s cooling program during the acute phase of treating an injury.

How the ProMOTION EV1 works for acute injuries

  • Controlling inflammation* through the application of cryotherapy, maximises recovery
  • Adding compression in the area also encourages this
  • Set a cooling program from 6 to 15 degrees in response to the athlete’s presentation
  • Lower temperatures may be required particularly for deeper tissue injuries
  • Increase the magnitude of the cooling application by adding compression
  • The compression settings on the device allow optimal compression to be applied based on the athlete’s presentation

*Inflammation needs to happen for healing to take place. A large part of this inflammatory phase is the phagocytic reaction, the cleaning up of the area. If not controlled can attack healthy cells that result in a secondary hypoxic reaction, resulting in greater chronic inflammation and a sustained inflammatory period.


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