Contrast therapy for soft tissue injury

Soft Tissue Injury & Rehab

All connective soft tissue injuries undergo the same healing process. Soft tissue injuries are graded on severity between 1 and 3. Recovery times for soft tissue injuries can vary significantly but are typically around two to four weeks for muscle, four to six weeks for tendon, 10-12 weeks for ligaments and around 12 weeks for cartilage.

Recovery for all soft tissue injuries can be mitigated with effective use of a cooling, heating and compression device.

Treating soft tissue injuries quickly and effectively can optimise tissue healing and reduce the extent of the injury. Cooling is typically applied in the acute stage (up to 48-72 hours) to initially vasoconstrict and control the bleed, optimising the inflammation stage of healing. ProMOTION EV1’s cooling application can be set from 6 to 15 degrees – the optimal temperature range to apply.

The addition of the compression wrap allows you to apply controlled intermittent (high to low) or static compression to tailor the optimal compression levels in response to the athlete/patient’s presentation.

Contrast therapy is used when the inflammation is beginning to stop. Introducing heat can be helpful when the patient is moving into the remodelling stage of healing, to aid with the alignment and pliability of tissues to make them stronger. With ProMOTION EV1 you can set the heat to the optimal 38 – 40 degrees temperature range. Typically, this is done through hot/cold baths. However, with ProMOTION EV1 you don’t need water to apply the contrast therapy.

ProMOTION EV1 can be used anywhere. It is fully portable and battery-operated. There is no need for ice, water or mains power. Portability and useability of effective therapy products is a concern amongst patients and athletes suffering from soft tissue injuries.

ProMOTION EV1 makes each therapy session easy and comfortable to complete, therefore making it easy to increase the number of therapy sessions that can effectively be applied.

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